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Would you like to sell your real estate property in Hokkaido?


The level of attention on real estate
in Sapporo is quite high.

Hokkaido has gained a lot of attention from overseas investors. 
While the city of Sapporo is expected to experience a downward trend in property values due to an oversupply of properties,there has been an increase in foreign investment in real estate. Unlike Tokyo, it is still possible to purchase properties in Sapporo at a lower cost. Additionally, popular areas such as Niseko can 
be accessed by car within two hours. This makes Sapporo an attractive area for investment.


In addition to Niseko, there are numerous ski resorts
located in the vicinity of Sapporo.


Hokkaido is known as a treasure trove of food, with the highest domestic self-sufficiency rate in Japan. Many domestic travelers also visit the region for its food.


The city is well-equipped with various services to meet your needs.


The market price for newly-built houses in Sapporo starts at 35 million yen, while the price for second-hand apartments starts at 25 million yen. We can provide pricing proposals based on your specific needs.


We are a real estate company based in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. 
We have partnered with a major domestic firm, so you can feel
confident conducting transactions with us. 
Whether you're interested in investment properties or residential
properties, from single-family homes to apartment buildings, we've got you covered. 
Please don't hesitate to contact us.


We can provide you with property information that may interest your clients. 
Please let us know the type of property your clients are looking for and any 
specific requirements they have.

We offer investment properties for sale, with rental servicescatering to foreign residents.

We provide after-sales support, including repairs and maintenance, with our dedicated staff.

Please let us know the details of the property you would like to sell.

We will inform you of the property information by email.

We can arrange a property tour for you to inspect the property, or send you a video of the property via email.


We would like to provide you with information about the sales contract.

Completion of payment has been confirmed. We will now proceed with the handover of the property.

・For investment properties, we can also handle tenant recruitment.

・We can renovate even older properties, and we will handle everything in-house.

・Please feel free to contact us if you are considering selling your property. We are happy to assist you with the process.


If you are considering purchasing real estate in Hokkaido, 
please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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We will contact you back shortly.
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